Book of Broken Chains

Session the First, or: Fiendish Lullaby

It was a day like any other in the city of Lookshy: Markets bustled, uniforms gleamed, some people did their job, some had the weekend off. Taizei Amilar Enres Tai visited the city library, where he encountered a suspicious looking, black clad traveler who was not too keen on encountering the officer back, and slipped away as unnoticed as he came. To the east of the great square, in the middle of the eastern market, a djala artisan approached the guild hall concerning a slave dear to his heart. Along the boulevards of the nobles quarter a young woman walked unnoticed, observing, never saying a word.

That night they were the only people in the city unaffected, save one. An hour after sundown no beast, mortal or dragon- blooded stirred in the streets. The city was sleeping, wrapped in a stifling blanket of fog that crawled along the alleyways without wind or moisture to cause it.
Tai was woken last. The Legionnaire herself sent him off to protect his city while others were already abroad, trying to find the reason for the horrible sinking feeling in their guts.

Pretty soon they found each other, the artisan, the scholar, the officer. Trust issues delayed them in place, ego took it’s time as well and by the time they felt the surge of solar Essence to the south, it was already too late.

Two of them got to the square of serenity to find the fountain ripped out of the paving stones, pipes and all. The Exalt who tried to stop whatever tore up the fountain was found shredded and dying, embedded into the trunk of a tree that got stuck in a shop front.
Pulling him out, they headed to somewhere safe while the military quarter was being secured by the third.

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