Ages come and pass, but the songs remain the same…

Nara- O, Keeper of Secrets, lifted a bandaged arm and gently caressed a strand of fate, ignoring the disapproving clicking sounds the spiders were emitting. Soon… Nara-O was far from all- knowing, though the Keeper’s very purview has lent itself to enhance the mystery of the god. His were the words unspoken, the implications never- guessed, the truths yet to be discovered. His were the lie that was made to conceal, the fire that burns sinful words, his was the silence. At times that silence grew heavy in Nara- O’s hidden heart, but it was his nature to carry his burden in solitude.
He could only hope those who are not bound by silence may ease this particular burden.
Otherwise the Loom itself may break under it’s weight.

Nara-O turned on his heel and disappeared in a whirl of gray silk. Behind him, the strand he touched gave off the faintest of sounds. Others echoed it, creating some sort of new harmony.

Fate stirred.

This is an Exalted 2nd ed. Campaign.

Book of Broken Chains

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